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The placing of an order, by any "Customer", in any medium or format with "The Company" is full, unequivocal acceptance of our trading terms & conditions, Best Contract Flooring Conditions of Purchase & Best Contract Flooring full terms & conditions of sale. BCF reserve the right to refuse sale as deemed appropriate for the benefit of The Company.

"Customer" means any person, collective, individual, agent, organisation, charity, company, co-operative, sole trader, Limited Company or LLP Partnership.

To avoid duplication, please do not send confirmation orders to us unless they are clearly marked “confirmation only”.


Prices advertised on our web-site or in any other medium or format are subject to alteration without notice and are applied at the rate ruling at the date of order and/or dispatch unless otherwise agreed in writing.


All payments must be made by cleared funds before goods are released. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, debit or credit card. The fee for payment made by credit card is 2.50%. There is no surcharge for payment made by debit card. The Company reserves the right to charge Bank Fees associated with any specially presented, uncleared or re-presented cheques.


In the event of a Customer failing to make payment to the Company under the Terms of Payment above, interest shall accrue and be paid by the purchaser on all unpaid sums and invoices at the rate of 5% above the HSBC base rate. Returned, unpaid cheques will be charged at £50.00 plus VAT & delivery of goods is denied until goods are paid in full by cleared funds, including any unpaid cheque charges incurred.


Goods delivered to Customers' premises or to site by the Company’s appointed carriers are not carriage paid.

Cost of carriage is applied at the point of check-out with your order & both/all must be paid at that point by debit card, credit card, or other acceptable forms of Pro-Forma payment, direct bank transfer & must be cleared funds before the order is accepted or delivery is made.

Please note that delivery dates & times are estimated, not guaranteed.

The costs involved for requested special deliveries can only be arranged & agreed by email & will be charged separately by direct bank transfer.


Every effort will be made to execute orders swiftly but the Company will not accept liability for any consequential loss, real or imagined, arising from payment delay, payment receipt, production delay or delivery delay of any sort whosever responsibility this is judged, deemed or believed to be. BCF retain the right to refuse service & supply where deemed necessary.

Please note that delivery dates & times are estimated, not guaranteed.


In the event of access to the place of delivery being unattainable or denied, the right is reserved to charge all costs incurred in any abortive visit, or any additional visit, to the customer.


Cancellations or alterations cannot be accepted once a carpet has been cut to the Customers original specifications & therefore the order is subject to a 100% cancellation charge. Please note, the sizes or quantities which you have ordered are your responsibility & we accept no returns for mis-measured orders. We are a Trade Only site & we do not deliver to domestic or residential addresses.

Cancellations made by telephone before the material has been cut to the Customers original order specifications cannot be accepted unless confirmed by email before 12 O'Clock noon on the prior day & acknowledged by the Company by email. Providing that cancellation occurs by these means, a full refund will be considered. Any cancellations after this time, either by telephone, email, text message (SMS) or any other means will not be accepted & the order is subject to a 100% cancellation charge.

Cancellation of large contract orders for specials or bespoke products will be subject to a 100% cancellation charge, if the order is cancelled after production has begun. Pro-Forma payment for 100% of the order value plus VAT at the prevailing rate is required for orders of this type & absolutely no refund will be made for cancellation after production has begun.

Stock of large contract orders, specials or bespoke productions will not be held or stored on behalf of the Customer & must be delivered immediately (within 48 hours after Pro-Forma payment has been successfully made) providing that such has been produced & is ready for despatch or within 48 hours after production has occurred & when despatch of goods & delivery is available.

(Specials or bespoke orders/products/production runs are defined as a production which is made to a customer’s specific design or products that are not normally sold or held in stock).


  • a) Carpets should be inspected by the Customer before cutting to custom fit an area. Claims for manufacturing faults which the Customer could have discovered by a careful inspection before cutting cannot be accepted after the carpet or other flooring has been cut and or laid. No complaint can be considered which arises from improper installation, in line with BS5325
  • b) No other complaint can be considered until merchandise has been examined, digitally photographed and a copy of the photograph and report submitted on our official complaint form.
  • c) No goods sold to Customers may be returned without written consent of the Company.
  • d) Goods returned to us for credit because of the Customers error (including incorrect measurements being supplied by the Customer) will be disallowed for credit or refund. This includes returns arising from duplication of orders due to failure of Customer to mark confirmation orders as such & errors made by the customer in measuring & quantities.
  • e) Carpets sold as imperfect will not be considered as the subject for any complaint or refund.
  • f) The Company will not accept any liability for the cost of uplifting or refitting carpet, or other types of floor-covering, in any circumstances.
  • g) The Company does not accept any liability for consequential Ioss, real or imagined, due to defective carpet, real or imagined.


  • a) If goods are damaged in transit the carriers note must be endorsed accordingly and the Company notified, in writing by email, on the same day of the receipt of the goods. The Company must also be notified if goods are not received within one day of the date of invoice or within one day of email confirmation of order. Failure to notify in either case will result in the loss of any claim.
  • b) The Company cannot accept any consequential losses, real or imagined, due to damage or loss in transit.


Whilst every effort is made to manufacture to the correct size, variations are unavoidable. The British Standards Institute for tolerance is plus or minus 1.25% either way. Clause 3 BS.3655. Any claim for tolerance in width or length outside 1.25% or - can only be considered after inspection of the carpet by an industry recognised professional and/or representative of the Company.


All pile carpets, especially plain grounds, are liable to shading, i.e., that is, to show light and dark patches arising from unequal crushing of the surface (light refraction). Light and delicate carpets are liable to become soiled in wear, and so apparently lose colour. No care on the part of the manufacturers can obviate these tendencies which are inherent in all pile fabrics, nor can we accept any responsibility in connection with same.


Requests for colour matching (same dye batch) must be specifically stated on the written order otherwise no claim can be entertained for different dye batches. Colour matching is not offered on 4m & 5m width from the same material or on corresponding tile & sheet offered from the same range.


All information contained in the Company’s sales literature, sampling and specifications, such as weights and dimensions, is intended to be and may be construed only as of a generally informative nature and the same shall not form any part of, or be incorporated in, in any way, any contract of sale. Best Contract Flooring reserve the right to alter prices, alter specifications and discontinue colours, products or ranges without prior notice.


All goods are at the risk of the Customer as soon as they are delivered or collected but the property and ownership of the goods will not pass until payment in full, of all outstanding invoices, has been received by the Company.

All orders must comply to Best Contract Flooring Conditions of Purchase, a copy of which is available on request. The above terms & conditions are a summary of Best Contract Flooring full terms & conditions of sale, a copy of which is available on request.


Contracts awarded by any Customer to Fit-Out Solutions & any orders placed with Fit-Out Solutions via The Company's website are completely independent of The Company & the Customer understands that their contract & any financial undertaking & responsibility is with Fit-Out Solutions. Fit-Out Solutions will provide you with a copy of their trading terms upon request & any contract entered into or order placed is unequivocal acceptance of Fit-Out Solution's trading terms & conditions

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